San Francisco-area students: how would you change the law. Win $1,000. Make an impact.

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How would you improve the laws of San Francisco? This is your chance to redesign the rules of the city, and earn a shot at a $1,000 scholarship. Here's how it works:

  1. Imagine A Better San Francisco: Think about what you like best - and like least - about living in San Francisco. Odds are, there's a law to match. How would you fix what you don't like, or build on what you do? Sky's the limit.
  2. Find the Laws You Care About: Now that you have a vision for improving city life, visit Browse and search through the laws to find what you care about most.
  3. Read, React, ReimagineSF: Read the laws. Decide how you'd improve them. Post your changes to each law right at the bottom of the page using Disqus. Your ideas will go straight to the Board of Supervisors for action. The top suggestions will be collected right here.
  4. Tell Your Friends to Upvote: Share a link to your ideas with your friends, family, and the world. Ask them to upvote your idea, or leave a comment in support. That makes your idea float to the top, which is where you want to be to win a $1,000 scholarship.

San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell will select the 5 best ideas, turn each into actual legislation, then put them to the Board of Supervisors for a vote. Oh, and those 5 student-legislators will each earn $1,000 for school. Make an impact. Win a scholarship. ReimagineSF.

Top Comments

  1. Avatar for James Groce
    GARAGES. (§ 603)

    I've lived in CA (about 30 years) and now live in Texas (retired!). So, when someone says about everything CA does is Lefty (and whacko <- my opinion), they are very correct. Had to get my Red blood out of the whacko Blue state.

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  2. Avatar for Dani Grey

    These are some pretty interesting guidelines. I guess they're all there for a good reason, but I wonder if all contractors abide by them all the time. I'd be surprised, personally.


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  3. Avatar for opengovfoundation


    Thank you for the note and for using We are sorry you've had to deal with this. Would you have a suggested change to the city's law here that would make more sense to you? If so, please share your thoughts here and we'll connect you with the city supervisors to see if they can take action and take up your idea.

    Take care and thank you again,

    The OpenGov Foundation

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  4. Avatar for Joel Bunker

    On another note, I appreciate the hell out of the Government posting this easy to use website, which contains the needs statutes so we can at least begin to try to defend ourselves from these predatory sneak thieving tow truck drivers! May every last one of the tow truck drivers in San Francisco and their kids, burn in Hell for the evil things they do to the general public! Lol.

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  5. Avatar for Joel Bunker

    These tow truck drivers are predatory crooks! They tow your car illegally, and then hold it ransomed. The cities fees shown here are expensive but reasonable, but the tow companies charge a storage fee of $150-$200 a day, and add an addition $300 to the City Government fees. Then if they damage your car, as they did mine, they refuse to pay you!

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  6. Avatar for Angry Resident
    CURB PARKING – WHITE ZONES (§ 7.2.27.)—San Francisco Decoded

    how does this have to be indicated? What constitutes an "indication" of times during which parking is prohibited? This is unclear and must be changed. I recently got a ticket since I had no idea when the "restricted" time was for the white zone. $103. Fuck you SF!

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  7. Avatar for cody claxton
    FINDINGS (§ 4511.)—San Francisco Decoded

    If I keep my handgun on my nightstand right next to me while sleeping, does this violate the law?

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  8. Avatar for cody claxton

    While I am sleeping, can I keep my handgun on my nightstand next to me without running afoul of the law?

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  9. Avatar for Christian Childs
    GARAGES. (§ 603)

    If you can't use your garage, you have to fill up your closet, forcing more to come out of it.

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  10. Avatar for stop the ruling class
    GARAGES. (§ 603)

    Californians' have already surrendered many rights, so giving an aspect of property rights is no big deal

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  11. Avatar for Derrick Mains
    GARAGES. (§ 603)

    In the next few months some cop in San Fran is going to stop some divorced dad who only sees his kids once a month and who parked his kids bike in his garage to put on training wheels to teach her how to ride.

    The dad will be furious that he can't use his own private property for his purposes.

    The cop will point out that not only is the bike in the garage a serious crime - but that the boxes of holiday decoration, the tools he keeps in the garage and that quart of oil on the floor are also serious infractions against the state subject to fines and possible imprisonment (if he fails to pay those fines).

    This hardened training wheel yielding dad (who never had as much as a parking ticket) will freak out and the cop will rightfully feel afraid for his life (training wheels are steel bars and could bash in your skull). The cop will (in the heat of the moment) draw his weapon and the dad will die as his kid watches.

    So the question is who's fault is this? The dad, the cop or the state?

    It sure as hell isn't the dad.

    Damn sure isn't the cop - he was doing his job and passions ran high and he was afraid. He doesn't know that this dad is not some cop killer, he is scared, he wants to live to see the day that he can teach his newborn daughter to ride a bike. So he does what the state tells him to do, use force (you can't spell enforcement without it).

    The fault lies in this scenario with the state (government) for creating stupid laws and then demanding that police enforce those laws.

    The rule of thumb has always been and will continue to be - you should never support any law you are not personally willing to kill to enforce.


    Because when you support ANY law - you are asking someone else to enFORCE it and if need be kill a human being in the name of that law.

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  12. Avatar for Shara Hernandez
    GARAGES. (§ 603)
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