San Francisco-area students: how would you change the law. Win $1,000. Make an impact.

Reimagine SF from Supervisor Mark Farrell on Vimeo.

How would you improve the laws of San Francisco? This is your chance to redesign the rules of the city, and earn a shot at a $1,000 scholarship. Here's how it works:

  1. Imagine A Better San Francisco: Think about what you like best - and like least - about living in San Francisco. Odds are, there's a law to match. How would you fix what you don't like, or build on what you do? Sky's the limit.
  2. Find the Laws You Care About: Now that you have a vision for improving city life, visit Browse and search through the laws to find what you care about most.
  3. Read, React, ReimagineSF: Read the laws. Decide how you'd improve them. Post your changes to each law right at the bottom of the page using Disqus. Your ideas will go straight to the Board of Supervisors for action. The top suggestions will be collected right here.
  4. Tell Your Friends to Upvote: Share a link to your ideas with your friends, family, and the world. Ask them to upvote your idea, or leave a comment in support. That makes your idea float to the top, which is where you want to be to win a $1,000 scholarship.

San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell will select the 5 best ideas, turn each into actual legislation, then put them to the Board of Supervisors for a vote. Oh, and those 5 student-legislators will each earn $1,000 for school. Make an impact. Win a scholarship. ReimagineSF.

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    CATS MUST BE ON LEASH OR IN TRANSPORT BOX (§ 5.03.)—San Francisco Decoded

    great idea seamus!

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    CATS MUST BE ON LEASH OR IN TRANSPORT BOX (§ 5.03.)—San Francisco Decoded

    You post like this.

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    Revise the first sentence as follows: (§ 350.10)

    Hi Bryan,

    Thank you for using, and for the posting your note. Getting this vital information right is our top priority. Thank you for helping us do so.

    Section 350.10 of the Electrical Code is presented here exactly as it is on the official website (screen shot below), maintained by the company which which the City of San Francisco contracts. Their version of the city's laws is here:

    You can verify that it is the same information on both, but there may be information missing on both. Would you be able to point us to where we could see what information you've said is missing? It would be a great help.

    Should you wish to contact us via email, please send us a note at SayHelloopengovfoundation .org. Thanks again and have a wonderful rest of the day.

    - The OpenGov Foundation Team

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    Revise the first sentence as follows: (§ 350.10)

    This code is wrong. Do not rely on it. Some important wording is missing.

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    CURB PARKING – WHITE ZONES (§ 7.2.27.)—San Francisco Decoded

    Sorry for delayed response. DPTWATCH doesn't really have a way of being "notified" if there was a comment or question unless you clicked on the citation in question. Found this through another web by accident. To respond to your question, I don't believe you would be able to get any record of "payment" from the establishment to the city due to the possibility of confidentiality of payment information but you could try to go to the permit department to see if it's still "active." The easier way is just to contest the citation and question the validity of the white zone which would prompt an "investigation" to see if your complaint has merit. Not sure if you meant that you were cited at 2AM but keep in mind that the validity in question is based on the time "issued" on the citation and not when an individual returns to the vehicle. Based on records from the permit department of when the white zone is active, the investigative official can determine whether or not if the 2AM citation is justified. The business itself might have posting of their operating hours. Keep in mind some establishments like numerous hotels have practically "24 hours 365 days a year" white zone enforcement under the discretion of the security or management. Hope this helps.

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